Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Landing On a Snowball: Part II

So one of my last posts was about the Rosetta mission which is currently orbiting a comet!
It was just to let everyone know that it will be attempting to land a small craft on the orbit tomorrow! Something like this has never been done before, so it is making history! It should start about 8:35 tomorrow UK time, and it should be known if the Philae probe made it there safely around 9!

An artist's impression of the orbiter!

It takes around 28 minutes for a signal to be sent from the orbiter to Earth, so there is a bit of a delay in not knowing what has happened. If you want to see some of the action live, there should be the control room and lots of other exciting things happening here!

What do you guys think of this amazing science in action?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Life, the Universe and Everything; 2

So what a week it has been! I finished my project at uni, back at work and starting to get ready for my last year at uni! Even through all that it has been fun, plus Doctor Who is back and that is that is what I am most happy about currently! Next week should be fun as well with some parties and generally acting more like a 21 year old than I currently am (typing this wearing my PJs with some green tea wrapped in my crochet blanket). Does anyone else feel like a granny when they are this young?! So here are some pictures that I've taken this week (and as I haven't done this kind of post in ages I'm including ones from a while ago)!

So my new cosy cardigan from Cath Kidston, catch up with some of my friends (those burgers were the best), again more Pizza, the best new beer I've had in a while

Obvs the most mature person ever, my Sunday morning breakfast as someone finished my Coco pops :(  The best Indian food ever, I had Saag Paneer

So Glasgow looked pretty lovely during the Commonwealth Games..

Burgers and mac and cheese, the diet of Royalty

So we found these cards in a bar, and hilarity ensued! 

Monty, the BFs cat, my sisters 18th birthday, found this strange item in the park! some random cat I played with for a good 10 minutes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!

So what have you guys been upto?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Topshop Wishlist

So on a slow day in the office the other week I decided to make a little list of my current wants from  Topshop (which is always loads). It's really quickly starting to feel like Autumn Winter here in Scotland even if it has just turned September, but to be honest this is my favourite time of the year! Nothing better than thick tights, woolly jumpers and a nice new pair of Chelsea boots!

This fur lined parka should keep my nice and toasty in Winter. My lovely friend Jillian bought me this jumper in pink for my birthday, and this mint version looks stunning as well! Classic black skinny jeans are a must for Winter, and these Joni style are my current favs. You can't take the astronomer out of the girl, this Motel print needs to be mine soon! These boots looked lovely in real life and sadly they didn't have them in my size, but they are just a bit a play of the classic black boot!

What do you guys think of my picks? Send me your Winter wants below and help me expand my wish list! I don't need much encouraging to buy..

Friday, 5 September 2014

Rosetta: Landing on a snowball

So for the first time ever we are trying to land a space craft on a comet. The Rosetta spacecraft is currently in orbit around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (catchy name I know) and they are currently hoping to land a little craft on the surface of the comet its self.

Artist impression of the lander on the comet.
So we'll start with what a comet is. Comets are small icy bodies found in our Solar system, they are affectionally called Dirty Snowballs, as that is basically what they are. Mostly made of ice, rock and dirt they have a really large orbit around the Sun in which, unlike the Earth that stays about the same distance from the Sun, comets at one part of their orbit get really close to the Sun. As they are mostly made of ice, this turns into the comet heating up and leaving a trail of ice and rock behind it.

The ice trail of a comet

So why do we want to want to but a satellite in orbit around a comet? Because they come from deep space, that is very far away from Earth. They are made of lots of different materials that we may not find that much of on Earth. Some scientists think that the reason that we have more water here on Earth than on most planets is that comets hit the Earth millions of years ago and then melted to give us the oceans and seas.

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Rosetta was woken up from it's hibernation in January, and went into orbit around the comet in August. It is mostly looking to see what the comet is made of and whether comets could possibly have brought the building blocks of life to Earth! I'll maybe write another blog post if there are more developments, but for now that is a little introduction!
What do you guys think of trying to land on a snowball? Cool or crazy?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Life, the Universe and Everything: 1

I think I might make this my kinda weekly roundup, although considering this is Wednesday it's not really a weekly roundup. But I got back from my holiday and haven't blogged in a wee while so Wednesday it is!

We were staying in the Lara Beach resort in Turkey, and it was so beautiful. All inclusive and had loads to do! I will do a full review of the hotel soon, but for now I just thought I'd share a pic or two of the holiday. PS the hotel had a cat sanctuary!

Short one for today, but back to daily blogging tomorrow!
How are you guys today?

Friday, 27 June 2014

Dust of the Ancients

So when people often think of Astronomy they think of the the beautiful pictures that the Hubble Space Telescope has taken over the years. A full gallery of which can be found here. But the pictures that people always remember are those of Nebulae. There are several types of Nebulae but in general they are large regions of gas and dust that are found in space.

The Eagle Nebula

The stunning picture above was dubbed the Pillars of Creation and is found in the Eagle Nebulae in the constellation of Serpens. This type of nebula is sometimes called a Stellar Nursery and is generally where stars form out of the gas and dust.When a small amount of gas, which is denser in that place than in the rest of the nebula, gravity takes over and more gas and dust is attracted to this spot, and eventually a star is born. Young stars are always found in these types of nebula and all the stars formed tend to have a similar age.

The Helix Nebula

The picture above shows another type called a Planetary Nebula called the Helix nebula. Generally these are formed when a massive star, called a Red Giant, reaches the end of it's life and begins to die in a process known as a Supernova. The star throws of an outer shell of gas and dust and becomes a smaller kind of star known as a White Dwarf.

 The Cat's Eye Nebula

There are more reasons than I've went into for these beautiful wonders of the Universe that I've saved for another post. But what do you think? Do you have a favourite?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Adios, Adios, I think I don't understand what that means.

So long time no talk friends! How have you all been?! 
Sorry for the long delayed absence I've not been able to blog due to exams/projects/work. But I've now finally got some time to blog again and I just thought I would show you some pictures of things I've been upto. 

Always coffee or alcohol or ice cream.

I got to see Wicked again in Glasgow, and it was amazing as the London West End and the songs have been stuck in my head for a few weeks now. I also got the see the Wonder Years who are one of my all time fav bands.  Obvs more wine (we ended up in the VIP section for Wicked). CAAAATTT and days out with the bf! A lovely pressie from one of the bestsos Christina. I'd never eaten a Chimichanga before, I would again!

My amazing art work. I spent too much time in the library that I found this funny. Beating the bf at 
Pokemon always makes me smile! Always time for a BBQ. Lovely packaging makes me smile!

Overall the past few months have been hard work in uni which didn't pay off quite the way I wanted it too, but these things happen! I've got a busy Summer to look forward too including a holiday and some reasearch and no doubt plenty of other things. I expect to be back to the Astronomy and lifestyle posts tomorrow!
So how have you guys been? Looking forward to Summer?

Monday, 10 March 2014

TAG: Get to know me.

So after a little bit of a blogger hiatus (work and uni got in the way), for which I am really sorry! But now I'm going to be back to posting (hopefully) daily, and responding to comments and generally just getting back involved. So I thought I'd do a little bit of a getting to know me style post, which has been really fun to write!

1. Do you have any pets?
No, my mum hates cats and my brother is allergic to dogs. But I live vicariously through the BF and his cat Monty, who hates all humans but I still want to be his friend.

2. Name 3 things physically close you you.
My laptop, which I am writing this on. My The Wonder Years hoodie, that I'm wearing. And my Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder which hasn't left my sight since I bought it, I know I'm sad. Also 'James Paterson's, Women's Murder Club' DS game. My mum loves a muder mystery!

3. Whats the weather like right now?
Well it's stop raining which is good, but windy and dry. Cloudy as well!

4. Do you drive, if so have you crashed?
No I don't, taking lessons in Summer though!

5. What time did you wake up this morning?
8 am so I can be up and ready for my lecture at 10am! I slept in yesterday though, but who doesn't love a lie in?!

6. When was the last time you showered?
Last night, as I like letting my hair air dry and then sleep with it in a bun, because I love wavy hair!

7. What was the last movie you saw?
In the cinema it was the Lego movie, which was amazingly funny. On my TV/Internet, the Producers that me, my mum and sister watched this weekend!

8. What does your last SMS / text message say?
'I moved out, too noisy because it's next to a train track...' Don't ask, it was a long silly conversation me and the BF were having!
 9. What is your ring-tone?
Nothing, my phone is always on vibrate!

10. Have you ever been to a different country?
I have! I love going on holiday and travelling. Countries I've been to include France, Spain and America!

11. Do you like sushi?
I do, but normally only the veggie kind, but tried some fish ones before and it is amazing!

12. Where do you buy your groceries?
Tesco or M&S. I do love me some ready meals!

13. Have you ever taken medication to fall asleep?
Nope, I sleep like a log most nights anyway. And if you ever have bother sleeping, just remember that whatever is bothering you will still be there in the morning, and be much easier to deal with on a good nights sleep!

14. How many Siblings do you have?
Two! My older brother, John and my younger sister, Michelle!

15. Do you have a desktop or Laptop?
I have a laptop, just so I can take it into uni with me. But desktops are much better for gaming!

16. How old will you be on your next birthday?
22.. Now I feel old!

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?
I have pretty good vision, but I have glasses for reading!

18. What colour is your hair?
Well here comes a rant. I have strawberry blonde hair *coughGINGERcough*

19. Tell me something your planning on doing today?
Making the Broccoli soup that I seen in the Sorted food video, and studying. I made a pinky promise with Rebekah to study every night from today on..

20. When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday at a Youtube video, there is a Doge mod for Minecraft and the idea of this filled me with joy. But Imgur also normally brings a tear to my eye, either with something being funny or sad :(

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?
Cheese, just cheese and sauce. I'm pretty plain.

22. Which do you prefer Hamburgers or Cheese burgers?
Cheeseburgers, is there any other answer to this question?!

23. Have you ever had an all nighter?
Yup, once when I got a date for an exam wrong. I thought it was in a weeks time, it was the next day, que panic studying. Meh, I still passed!

24. What is your eye color?
Greenish blue!

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
No, they taste the same. I actually prefer Pepsi..

So now you know some strange things about me, I haven't tagged specific people, but I tag you to answer these questions either on your own blogs (leave the links below, I wanna read them!) or in the comments below!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Cooking Days; Gucamole

So today I am gonna show you how we made some gucamole last week. I love my dips and this one tasted amazing! I'm following a Hairy Biker's recipe, and the things we'll need are;
3 avocados,
an onion, 
a lime, 
about 3 chillies (I'm a wimp when it comes to spice),
3 tomatoes 
and then something to dip (we used lightly salted tortilla chips).

The BF decided to snap a lovely picture of me arranging some ingredients, I look incredibly ginger.

The ingredients you'll need artistically arranged.

We used a food processor for the main blending as we like it quite smooth, but you could equally use a mortar and pestle or just a fork! We started by peeling and chopping our onion, and chopping our tomatoes and chillies into quite fine pieces.

Remember to take the seeds out of the chillies (and make sure not to touch your eyes, mine were bloodshot for the rest of the day). 

Then squeeze half a lime into the mixture, and blend until smooth!

We then added the other tomato to leave it a little chunky! And blended again!

     action shots

Blending fun!

The difference in how you get the stone out of an avocado (mines is on the left, it wasn't my best work).

I did better this time!

Scoop out soft avocado from the skin and mash it up!

 And then combine (we blended a little), it doesn't look as green as it did in person in this picture, but it tasted amazing! And it is pretty good for you, look at how much fruit and veg is in it!

And then all that is left to do is taste it! I couldn't believe how easy it was to make and how tasty it was! 

Will you try making this? What are your favourite dips and why?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What I Did Last Week #1

So I thought I'd show you some of the pictures I took last week of some of the things we did, it mostly relates to food! I've never done this kind of post before, so I apologise if it's a little all over the place!

My boyfriends cat Monty being a cutie, we just love dips, shopping on a rainy day (haul on the way), I swear their was cauliflower in this tea, pizza and quesadilas, me and the boyfriend at a gig (he was tired of me trying to take a selfie). 

I discovered this ornament I painted as a kid (it's really scary), found this bottle of brandy for £1650 (I bought 4 of course), Papermoons were amazing at a gig last week!

What did you guys get upto last week?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Sea Gods and Tridents

So finally in our little series about the planets we are talking about Neptune. The eighth planet in our solar system, and the furthest from the Sun. It is a gassy planet but is also classified as an Ice Giant (I'm voting for renaming it Loki), but this means that there is more water, ammonia and methane than in planets like Saturn! Neptune is named after the Roman god of the Sea, or Poseidon if you are from Greece! Although Galileo did see Neptune in 1612, it was not officially discovered as a planet in 1846.

Neptune is pretty massive and weights about 17 Earths. It is made of mostly gases, but has rocky core which is bigger than Earth! It is so far away from the Sun that most of the heat is generated by the planet itself, but the atmosphere has a temperature of almost 450 degrees Celsius (which is pretty darn hot!) so Neptune is generating a lot of heat!

This is an image taken by Voyager 2 in the 80s.

Neptune has a ring system (like Saturn), but it is really hard to see in visible light. They are mostly made of ice, but instead of Saturn's pure white rings, Neptune's is a reddish colour. They are also pretty unstable compared to Saturn's. Neptune has 14 moons, the largest of which is called Triton (who was the son of Poseidon) and is one of the largest moons in the solar system! We haven't really explored Neptune very much, but hopefully soon they'll launch a new satellite that can tell us more about this distant, mysterious planet!

What do you think about this lonely planet? Is there anything Astronomy you'd like me to cover? (I promise black holes are coming soon!)

Post Weekend Wants #2

So I've been about the shops this weekend and online a lot this weekend, and although I've done a wee bit of shopping I've noticed a fair amount of things I'd like. I've already made my bank balance shed some tears this year, so I might a little while until I buy these. But I thought I'd share them with you incase you you like some inspiration, or like me just love window shopping (or lusting).

So my boots are getting a little worn, and I think these boots from Topshop would be a great replacement for Spring. Practical and pretty! I've already featured the dress version of this on my last wish list, but I think this skirt is a really item that you could wear everyday, also this print is so adorable! You can't take the Astronomer out of the girl, I adore this necklace, I think it is so cute! I've seen this jumper in the flesh and it is stunning, a great on trend piece for Spring! And I do love a statement necklace, again I think this piece will be amazing for taking you into the next few seasons!

What are you guys lusting after?

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ice Giants and the Sky

So to continue our little series about talking the planets in our Solar System, we are going to be talking about Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun. This is the only planet named after a Greek God (the rest are all Roman), and Uranus is the God of the Sky, who is the grandfather of the Olympian gods. It was discovered by Sir William Hershel in 1781, and although you can see it from Earth, but because it is so far away from the Sun and has such a slow orbit, it had never been recognised as a planet before. It was also the first planet discovered with the help of a telescope!


It is called a Gas Giant (the same as Jupiter and Saturn), due to the fact that it is not made of rocky material. It is made mostly of hydrogen and helium, but Uranus contains more icy materials including ammonia, water and methane. This extra icy material has ment that Uranus and Neptune are also sometimes called Ice Giants (if you're a Thor fan you'll know this isn't a good thing!). Uranus is pretty heavy, it weights almost 15 times more than Earth, and is on average around 2 billion miles (3 billion km) from the Sun.


Uranus is one of the coldest planets in the Solar System, and part of this is because it is so far away from the Sun, so it recives less light and heat, but also because Uranus rotates around a strange axis (totally different to any other planet in the Solar System).  One of the reasons that Astronomers think that Uranus has this weird axis is that early on when the planets were forming another planet collided with it and caused it to have this weird rotation. The average temperature of the planet is around -218 degrees Celsius.

It does have a ring system as well as 27 known moons, but these haven't really been explored very much!

Hope you guys are having a good Sunday! I'm stuck studying and waiting for the Musketeers to come on!
What do you think of this cold planet?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

I love your eyes the way, they look when you're uncomfortable.

So another first for me, thought I might try a little outfit shot from what I wore last night when we went to go see the Lego Movie (it was actually really really good), I'd recommend that film if you just like a good laugh (and Batman references).

  Beanie: Asos
Cardigan: New Look
T-shirt: Papermoons Band tee (from a gig)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Topshop
Jewellery: Vintage

Yesterday was a fun day with Mexican food and getting my butt kicked playing Street Fighter. I've also had the song 'Mountain' by The Front Bottoms (hehe). But they are an awesome band from New Jersey!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! What are you doing with the best part of the week?

Friday, 21 February 2014

Topshop and Champagne

So last night me and some friends went to a Topshop event at the Blysthwood Hotel to see the new Spring/ Summer collection. So I took a few pictures of what we did and thought it might be quite interesting to show. It was a really good night, and great to see some pieces that I would never normally look at (some of these clothes might be in my wardrobe soon)!
Started the night at a Wetherspoons (who have the nicest china) and we had a wee glass of wine (or two..).

We then headed to the hotel and were greeted with some champagne and canopies, which were really lovely. The hotel was so beautiful inside, and I really want to go back and maybe have a cocktail there!

Then onto the clothes, the girls from Topshop outlined a couple of key trends for the Summer mostly pastels, the Boho look, the check and print and then monochrome. These are the pieces that I loved and also a picture of the model who looked stunning in a printed almost brocade style jumpsuit (if only I was taller).

This mint coloured jacket was one of my favourite things, it would look stunning on a chilly Spring day!

These shoes were stunning as well, these patent black heels would look great with anything, and I just love boots. So who could resist this gorgeous brown pair?!

Of course we posed for shots in this lovely red velvet booth! And my friend Katherine is showing of her space nails, I need to try this nail art!

Have you ever been to anything like this? What looks are you looking forward to this Summer?