Saturday, 1 February 2014

American Horror Story: Coven Review

So finally Coven has finished, and what a dramatic series it has been. Just before we get started, this will have as little spoilers as possible!

For those who don't know American Horror Story, it is a show that takes on an entirely new thing every season whilst still having the same cast. The first series Murder House took place in a modern day haunted house (that was a pretty scary season), the next one Asylum took place in 1964 in a mental institution (actually skipped this one). And this leaves us with Coven which takes place in the modern day and follows a group of young witches.

The girls in the coven are suppose to have descended from the witches of Salem. It does mention the Arthur Miller play 'The Crucible' several times (fun fact; I once played Tituba in a school play). The witches seem to be at peace with their rivals who practise Voodoo, but when the Supreme (Head of the witches) digs up someone condemned to spend eternity buried in the ground just so she can find out the secret to her immorality, all hell breaks loose (literally).

Kathy Bates plays the Madame LaLaurie, a prominent socialite from the 18th century in New Orleans, who just loves to torture her slaves. Beware almost all of the scenes that take place in this setting are extremely graphic, if you are a little bit squeamish I'd suggest closing your eyes for these bits! She gets cursed to an immortal life after torturing the lover of the immortal Voodoo Queen (Angela Bassett). 

The series follows the subsequent fight between the witches and the Voodoo Queen, and their friendship after, attacks from Witch Hunters and ends with them trying to find the next Supreme and leader of their Coven. 

Yes, it is gory and scary in places. But the twists and turns of each episode, along with the overall story arc will keep you desperate for the newest episode! The finale was no different, and featured an appearance from Stevie Nicks. It didn't end the way I expected, but boy was it good!

Have you ever seen Coven? Did you enjoy it?

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