Sunday, 9 February 2014

Let's Meet the Neighbours

So we've talked about the Sun a little now, but what about the closest stars to us? Today we are gonna talk about the neighbours (yes plural). The closest star system to our own is called Alpha Centurai. It is a 3 star system!
This picture was taken by a camera on Earth, with the two bright stars being Alpha Cenutra A&B and the little red dot being the star closest to ours Proxima Centurai (it literally means 'closest to in the constellation of Centurai).

Proxima Centura is around 4.25 light years from the Earth, and maybe one day when humans have the ability to travel long distances, it may be the first star we ever visit apart from our own!

As you can see, when compared to other stars Proxima Centura is really small! It is a Red Dwarf star and it is kept hot by convection (think how those kinds of ovens work). This method of powering a star is relatively efficient, and doesn't use a lot of fuel and some scientists think that Promixa Centura could burn for as long as 4 trillion years!! After that it will turn into a White Dwarf star and burn again for a very long time!

It may have planets orbiting the system, but the probability of one of those planets being able to support life is really small! 
What do you think? Have you ever seen these stars?


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