Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Musketeers S1E3 Review: Commodities

So far I've really enjoyed this series! It's fun, swashbuckling and an all round enjoyable show. The Musketeers is a story that I've never been really interested in, it seemed to be an old plot that people would always repeat. Based on the Alexandre Dumas books, this series follows the some of the King's Guard named D'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos.

So far the series has established the relationship with the characters, namely D'Artagnan joining them and their growing friendship. It has featured already many sword fights and building the tension with who I guess is the series' main bad guy Cardinal Richelieu, who is played by our new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi. But what has this episode added so far?

The general plot of this episode was of our Musketeers to protect a Spanish explorer, as they deliver him to see the King in Paris. The explorer gives of a little bit of Johnny Depp swagger, and and self-preservation that we see so often in Captain Jack. Their journey to Paris turns into a bit of an adventure with Porthos being injured in one of several excellent sword/musket fights during this episode, so they end up in a beautiful home. The home ends up being Athos' ancestral home, as it transpires that he is infact a Comte (according to our friend Wikipedia this means he is a possessor of a county), it basically means he is a wee bit royal. How fancy. This episode delves more into the history and background of the Musketeers. With Porthos divulging his mother was a freed slave, and much more detail about the relationship between Athos and Madame De Winter. Turns out she was his wife! I won't spoil the details more than I already have, but it was a good all round episode which delves more into the history of our favourite quadruple(?!). It also builds more of Peter Capaldi's baddie, with him willing to side with our slaver/explorer.

I must admit that one of the only reasons that I started watching this is because of Luke Pasqualino, who was my teenage crush as Freddy in Skins, but I'm glad that I started watching this series.
Have you seen it yet? What did you think of the new episode?

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