Tuesday, 4 February 2014

There is always time for Tea

So every time I sit down to study, I can't concentrate unless I have a pot of tea brewing. I realise this makes me sound a little bit strange and honestly I do think it is partly to avoid studying for longer. But I really love tea. Coffee, naaaaaa. One latte in the morning will make hyper active all day, and then unable to sleep in the night (this is so ironic as I worked in a coffee shop for 3 years without ever touching a drop).
So I thought I'd show you my collection, and this isn't even a third of the different types of tea I have. If you've ever seen Scott Pilgrim then you'll know what I'm talking about, but my sister calls me Ramona Flowers because of my tea shelf!

So this is a selection of my favourite teas including Sencha green tea bags, Ceylon Orange & Dragon  Green tea. I have a mixture of loose leaf and tea bags, but you can't beat the taste of some loose leaf tea! Also got my two tea pots, one for tea bags and the other for loose leaf.

 You can't beat a wee individual photo. I have to admit my cast iron teapot (thanks BF!!) is one of my favourite things! Not only can I make loose leaf in it, but it makes the perfect amount of tea for one (also it's just super pretty..).

You gotta have a candle burning, this is my favourite currently. It's Woodland Pear from Urban Outfitters. It just gives the most lovely woody natural smell!


Along with Pokemon memorabilia, I apparently also collect mugs. I think I'll make an excellent grannie one day!  

 As it's late, I've opted for Camomile tonight, it's a really lovely drunk before bed. (Also note the solar system mug, I've got Astronomy in my bones)

And can't beat this combination for some chill out time before bed! 

I'm off to catch up on University Challenge (it's good fun, okay?!).
What is your favourite tea?


  1. Oh gosh, I am exactly the same. I counted seven different types of tea when I was at university! I love the Jasmine Green Tea from Twinings the most :) I actually filmed a tea haul but deleted it because I was worried people would think me manic.
    If you like Whittards you should definitely try their hot chocolate's if you're into that, the mint one is very good :) But Camomile is definitely good before bed, I like the combination of camomile and honey. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    1. I definitely need to try the hot chocolate from Whittards! Haha I think a tea haul would be a great post!
      Thanks for the comments! xx

  2. yeah there is always time for tea :) its my relaxing time of the day lol :) xx

  3. Love the purple floral teapot! I'm a sucker for Earl Grey :)


    1. Aww me too! It's a nice alternative to regular black tea!


  4. I'm addicted to tea! I love tea toooo much xx

  5. My absolute favourite tea is chai tea, I love to get it from Starbucks when I'm out and about, but Twinings also make really good chai tea bags :) I also second the comment about Whittards hot choc, the white one is delicious! x

    What Liv Loves | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. I've actually never had Chai Tea before, I'll definitely try it next time in Starbucks!