Friday, 27 June 2014

Dust of the Ancients

So when people often think of Astronomy they think of the the beautiful pictures that the Hubble Space Telescope has taken over the years. A full gallery of which can be found here. But the pictures that people always remember are those of Nebulae. There are several types of Nebulae but in general they are large regions of gas and dust that are found in space.

The Eagle Nebula

The stunning picture above was dubbed the Pillars of Creation and is found in the Eagle Nebulae in the constellation of Serpens. This type of nebula is sometimes called a Stellar Nursery and is generally where stars form out of the gas and dust.When a small amount of gas, which is denser in that place than in the rest of the nebula, gravity takes over and more gas and dust is attracted to this spot, and eventually a star is born. Young stars are always found in these types of nebula and all the stars formed tend to have a similar age.

The Helix Nebula

The picture above shows another type called a Planetary Nebula called the Helix nebula. Generally these are formed when a massive star, called a Red Giant, reaches the end of it's life and begins to die in a process known as a Supernova. The star throws of an outer shell of gas and dust and becomes a smaller kind of star known as a White Dwarf.

 The Cat's Eye Nebula

There are more reasons than I've went into for these beautiful wonders of the Universe that I've saved for another post. But what do you think? Do you have a favourite?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Adios, Adios, I think I don't understand what that means.

So long time no talk friends! How have you all been?! 
Sorry for the long delayed absence I've not been able to blog due to exams/projects/work. But I've now finally got some time to blog again and I just thought I would show you some pictures of things I've been upto. 

Always coffee or alcohol or ice cream.

I got to see Wicked again in Glasgow, and it was amazing as the London West End and the songs have been stuck in my head for a few weeks now. I also got the see the Wonder Years who are one of my all time fav bands.  Obvs more wine (we ended up in the VIP section for Wicked). CAAAATTT and days out with the bf! A lovely pressie from one of the bestsos Christina. I'd never eaten a Chimichanga before, I would again!

My amazing art work. I spent too much time in the library that I found this funny. Beating the bf at 
Pokemon always makes me smile! Always time for a BBQ. Lovely packaging makes me smile!

Overall the past few months have been hard work in uni which didn't pay off quite the way I wanted it too, but these things happen! I've got a busy Summer to look forward too including a holiday and some reasearch and no doubt plenty of other things. I expect to be back to the Astronomy and lifestyle posts tomorrow!
So how have you guys been? Looking forward to Summer?