Monday, 12 January 2015

Solar Eclipses Part 1

This is just a quick blog post today, and I think I'll make this part of a small series in which I talk about eclipses. There are two types of eclipses that we see from Earth, solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. The short explanation for both of these are in a solar eclipse the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and in a lunar eclipse the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon.

A solar eclipse, as seen from Earth

A lunar eclipse, as seen from Earth.

This is just a really early warning to say that there will be a solar eclipse in March this year! It'll be on March 20th, and the diagram below shows where in the world it will be visible from!

Any area in white, means that the eclipse won't be visible, but I'll talk more about that later! Hopefully Part 2 will be up on Thursday!

Have you guys ever seen an eclipse before? Will you be able to see it from where you are in the world?

My Last Semester

So today was officially my last first day at uni (confusing, eh?). It is kinda funny to think that my 5 years at university is finally coming to an end, but I'm so happy to be getting near there.
It's so exciting when you start, and so completely different to school or college. But it's also so much more work. The thing I never realised when starting, was how much everything is on you. All the studying, project work and silly little things like turning up to classes on time, it's on you and no one else.

But enough of all that serious stuff, enjoy it whilst you can, it's amazing and you'll remember it forever.
Ps the Glasgow campus looks like Hogwarts, so I'm just going to insert some pictures of that here..

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year, New Post

So it's finally 2015. And that means I want to go back to blogging more regularly. This year is going to be scary, I finally graduate university, and that means getting a 'proper job'.
But back to more blogging, hoping to start with more Astronomy, lifestyle and general science/technology. Is there anything you guys would like to see?
But bring it on 2015, please be a good one.

Ps here are some of my favourite moments of 2014