Monday, 12 January 2015

My Last Semester

So today was officially my last first day at uni (confusing, eh?). It is kinda funny to think that my 5 years at university is finally coming to an end, but I'm so happy to be getting near there.
It's so exciting when you start, and so completely different to school or college. But it's also so much more work. The thing I never realised when starting, was how much everything is on you. All the studying, project work and silly little things like turning up to classes on time, it's on you and no one else.

But enough of all that serious stuff, enjoy it whilst you can, it's amazing and you'll remember it forever.
Ps the Glasgow campus looks like Hogwarts, so I'm just going to insert some pictures of that here..


  1. Wow, it actually does look just like Hogwarts! I start uni this year, I can't wait!! I'm sure you had an amazing five years and I wish you the best of luck for the future x

  2. Congrats Louise! A new phase of your life starts now and I'm sure it will be amazing, wish you good luck and a great year!
    Ps. It really does look like Hogwarts

  3. Wow those pictures are really something! I think I would have had inspiration to do absolutely anything with those surroundings! Congratulations on completing Uni :) xx

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  4. Great post, good luck on your last semester :)

    Camille xo